Plastic (writer) — Hideout Pictures

Bite Sized Horror: “Monstagram” (writer/producer) — Fox Studio Digital

Skate or Die (writer) — Gunpowder & Sky

The Legends of Beaver Dam (creator) — Disney XD

The ABCs of Death 2: “V is for Vacation” (writer/producer) - Magnolia Pictures

“The Films of Avi Krum” (writer/director) — independent — trailer

Stage Fright (editor) — eOne / Magnolia Pictures

Crazy/Sexy/Awkward (editor) — Fremantle

“The Legend of Beaver Dam” (editor) — independent — trailer / iTunes

(work samples available upon request)


Sinking Ships - game - Wargamer review

Guilt & Remembrance - mod - Kotaku coverage

LAIKA - game

CaveWriting — VR hypertext authoring tool — WIRED / SIGGRAPH


Capsule Hotel - reviews of video games

Things I Hate on the Internet